Friday, December 11, 2009

~Past : Reasons for Acting~

I've always been a quiet kid,
When I was at elementary school,
My classmates used to think that I was a mute,
Because I didn't talk that much.
So you might ask,
Why would I even be interested in acting?
Acting is suppose to be for those people who are very funny and friendly.
I'll tell you this,
I love movies,
especially those fantasy movies with a lot of magic,
and when music comes up and the story fits the music perfectly.
I always dream that I can be on those films.
When I was in grade 6,
My friend and I joined a comic talk show contest my class had,
We won the first place!!
That was the first time I've ever stand on stage and talk,
My eyes were blank and I just kept talking,
I didn't even realise I can win until all of my classmates voted for me.
I wasn't like most of the people in my acting class,
they loved to act like the characters on tv to their friends.
I never did that.
I didn't take any acting classes until this year.
For me,
I want my acting to support my writing.
I want to know how to act like another person so
My characters in my writing would have different characteristics.
And I want to act my own works on screen.
Thats my reasons for acting.
In the future,
I want to be a writer and an actor.


  1. Good luck in your quest to bring your own experiences to the screen! I'll be checking in on your blog from time to time to see how things are shaping up for you.

  2. Thanks. I don't mean that I want to bring my own experiences to the screen btw. Thanks for subscribing me!