Sunday, December 20, 2009

~Acting Class : Chinese Television System~

This year, 2009.
I joined the acting class in this television company.
I've always dream of acting on screen.
So in September,
I have my first step on my goal.
I was surprised to know that they need to audition us before they teach us.
There were two rooms for audition.
The first room was to act out a script.
I didn't act so good and I found it weird that the director didn't look at me.
Then I went to the second room.
There was a big camera and they asked me questions and introduce myself.
I said my name in Li, Han(My Chinese name) and I am 16 years old.
I am currently study in an American School.
Then I got nothing to say...
They had more interest in the American School and where it was at.
I told them I want to get notice but not to be invisible in others eyesight.
After I left I thought I just wasted ten thousand dollars for an audition I'd never get in.
But then they sent me an email 3 days later telling me I can be in the acting class.
I was so surprised because I thought I wouldn't get it.

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