Saturday, January 23, 2010

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Sunday, December 20, 2009

~Acting Class : Chinese Television System~

This year, 2009.
I joined the acting class in this television company.
I've always dream of acting on screen.
So in September,
I have my first step on my goal.
I was surprised to know that they need to audition us before they teach us.
There were two rooms for audition.
The first room was to act out a script.
I didn't act so good and I found it weird that the director didn't look at me.
Then I went to the second room.
There was a big camera and they asked me questions and introduce myself.
I said my name in Li, Han(My Chinese name) and I am 16 years old.
I am currently study in an American School.
Then I got nothing to say...
They had more interest in the American School and where it was at.
I told them I want to get notice but not to be invisible in others eyesight.
After I left I thought I just wasted ten thousand dollars for an audition I'd never get in.
But then they sent me an email 3 days later telling me I can be in the acting class.
I was so surprised because I thought I wouldn't get it.

Friday, December 11, 2009

~Past : Drama Class~

I joined Drama course in high school to experience the fun of acting.
This semester it has given me plenty opportunities to perform on stage.
The first time I've ever acted in front of almost a quarter of my school,
I had fun acting the angry father,
Throw a prop computer to the ground,
So realistic I even scared myself.
Second skit was to hid next to a piano to talk as God in front of the whole school.
The third skit was to act as an airplane company booking clerk,
The third skit and the second skit were practiced together so my teacher added me and another person who was in the second skit into the third skit so we won't be bored when they are practicing. I had fun acting like I am using computer and very busy.
Later I had an acting experience in front of the whole school,
At that time my teacher asked drama class to form a group with two people and each write a script to perform in the special week of school(That whole week we would have someone to talk to us and have assembly before lunch time)
I am very proud about the script because my friend and I spent only one day to finish writing it.
But the performance didn't go that well,
There were problems and other issues like my pants were too tight to pick up my cell phone from my pocket so it was awkward when I can't reach into my pocket.
The major issue was my nervousness, it was my first time to act in front of the whole school...
As my eyes look at the audience, the whole school was looking at me,
That was the first time all of the students ever paid their full attention to me,
Before I realize it, My body starts shaking;
My friend later told me that she was shaking after she saw me shaking.
Later I also acted in my friend's skits,
Policeman in one of the skits and a party boy in the other.
I had fun in both of the skits.
My last drama performance in high school was today,
I acted as Joseph in a Christmas skit,
Its basically about Christmas was for celebrating Jesus' birthday,
but ended up celebrate Santa Claus.
I acted as one of the four people who talks about this topic on a dinner table while decorating for a party.
My drama class ended today,
I hope my later journey of acting can be successful!!

~Past : Reasons for Acting~

I've always been a quiet kid,
When I was at elementary school,
My classmates used to think that I was a mute,
Because I didn't talk that much.
So you might ask,
Why would I even be interested in acting?
Acting is suppose to be for those people who are very funny and friendly.
I'll tell you this,
I love movies,
especially those fantasy movies with a lot of magic,
and when music comes up and the story fits the music perfectly.
I always dream that I can be on those films.
When I was in grade 6,
My friend and I joined a comic talk show contest my class had,
We won the first place!!
That was the first time I've ever stand on stage and talk,
My eyes were blank and I just kept talking,
I didn't even realise I can win until all of my classmates voted for me.
I wasn't like most of the people in my acting class,
they loved to act like the characters on tv to their friends.
I never did that.
I didn't take any acting classes until this year.
For me,
I want my acting to support my writing.
I want to know how to act like another person so
My characters in my writing would have different characteristics.
And I want to act my own works on screen.
Thats my reasons for acting.
In the future,
I want to be a writer and an actor.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

~Starting Point~

Me who studies in American school in Taiwan, is finding my own sky in an acting group in "Rainbow of Heaven".
I know there will be many obstacles on my way,
I know I won't have much time to rest,
I know it will be hard and busy,
But I have to tell myself,
I have to be strong!!
Today I use this blog as a starting point,
I will let everyone who sees me,
To know how I control time to complete myself in two different worlds.